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Timber and glass doors with outstanding thermal qualities and security

Today's architecture in Australia aims to maximise natural light without the massive loss of thermal qualities and increased air infiltration that can reduce the energy rating for the overall building. Paarhammer have proven that top energy ratings can be achieved with our special frames, seals and unique metal-to-metal locking system.

It's why the award-winning Paarhammer glass doors achieve unmatched energy ratings and the lowest air infiltration, achieving energy savings up to 85%. Custom made in Australia, these doors have an ultimate strength test of 2300pa (N4), with the Wood-Alu Range N5/C3, and water penetration of 150pa, giving our door systems unparalleled strength and security.

The design flexibility of our glass doors has been proven time after time. We manufacture bi-fold doors of up to 10m (30ft) wide and sliding doors over 3m (12ft) high.

Featuring our secure locking system, our doors achieve U-values of 1.0 and reduce noise up to 80-90%. It's not surprising that our solutions are suitable for the most demanding projects including Passive House.

Advantages of each of the following ranges:

Wood-Alu Range: internal timber, external aluminium

Architectural Timber Range: strength, performance, versatility

Komfortline+ Range: energy efficiencies in domestic sizes

Passive House Range: extreme efficiency, no drafts

Bushfire Safe Range: safety for all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL's) including Flame Zone (BAL-FZ)

Door Styles explained:


One of our most popular products are technologically advanced sliding doors which offer highest energy efficiency and no drafts, through multi-layer seals and engineered lift slide action. Available in many configurations.

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Giant lift-slide

For extra-large spaces and industry leading energy efficiencies. Up to 400kg per leaf, the Giants are easy to operate manually but can be fitted with the patented Siegenia HS Lift & Slide Automation.

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Stacker sliding

To open up extra wide spaces, stacker sliding doors feature lift-slide functionality. Very energy efficient and draft proof with high sound protection. Like all products, custom made to size and finish.

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Corner lift-slide

Unique airtight framing design for corners without corner posts. Like all lift-slide doors the lifting function facilitates floor level installations for step-free access.

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Rebated frames, seals and multi-point locking together with double or triple glazing ensure highest energy efficiency, no rattling. Operated with a handle on every second door, no need for shoot bolts. Inside opening with tilt or outside opening. Up to 8 or 10m wide, depending on range.

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In high demand for easy access to verandahs and outdoor spaces, French doors are available custom made with high energy efficiency, high noise protection and no drafts, due to rebated frames, seals and multi-point locking. Suit many styles of buildings.

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Hinged glass doors

High security is ensured with multi-point locking, and 3-D-adjustable hinges and seals work together to ensure a draft-free fit. Barrier-free threshold available.

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