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No Noise

While we are prepared to tolerate a level of noise during our daily activities, we all value a peaceful and relatively quiet home life

Noisy neighbours, loud radios or constant street or aeroplane noise can be very distressing and can even lead to ill health. Paarhammer windows and doors can eliminate such irritations with a range of noise reduction products which combine aesthetics, design, and security, with greatly reduced sound levels. A feature that has become a key decider for the astute renovator and home-owner.

Every 10dB reduce noise levels by half

Noise is measured in decibels (dB) which is a logarithmic scale to relative changes in loudness. For every 10dB change the noise is perceived twice or half as loud. As such a 20dB reduction would reduce the noise by four times.

An acceptable noise level in a bedroom at night for continuous sound is 30dB, for a single sound event it is 45dB. Comfortable hearing levels in an office are below 60dB but in living areas only 40-45dB. Noiselevels are perceived differently by every individual.

Noise levels reduced by 80-90%

The average single glazed window has a sound barrier of only 23-25%. Rated windows provide a figure by which the external noise is being reduced. Recently Paarhammer had their products tested for noise reduction by the CSIRO with excellent results. Our standard double glazed windows feature a noise protection of 35dB, windows and doors made for sound protection are between 40-42dB. This can be increased again to 45dB if required with special acoustic glass in double glazed panes, the option of a second layer of seals and carefully measured air infiltration, meaning we can cut down noise by up to 80-90%.

The performance of a window cannot be determined from that of the glass element alone. The glass, frame and sealing together determine the acoustic insulation performance of the entire window and in some cases the entire fa├žade.

Whatever your location and requirements, Paarhammer aims to provide you with windows and doors that will perform well beyond noise reduction of conventional windows.

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