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Komfort+ and Komfortline

High energy rated doors in domestic sizes, double glazed.
Komfort+ Doors - Lift-Slide

Lift-slide Sliding Door

Technically advanced sliding doors which offer highest energy efficiency and no drafts, through multi-layer seals and engineered lift slide action. Available in many configurations.


Komfort+ Doors - Bi-fold

Bi-fold Doors

Rebated frames, seals and multi-point locking together with double glazing ensure highest energy efficiency, no rattling. Operated with a handle on every second door, no need for shoot bolts. Inside opening with tilt or outside opening. Up to 8m wide.


Komfort+ Doors - French

French Doors

In high demand for easy access to verandas and the outdoors, French doors are available custom made with high energy efficiency, high noise protection and no drafts, due to rebated frames, seals and multi-point locking. Suit many styles of buildings.


Komfort+ Doors - Hinged Glass

Hinged Glass Door

High security is ensured with multi-point locking, and 3-D-adjustable hinges and seals make for a draft-free fit. Barrier-free threshold and interior or exterior opening available.